3.1. Any licenses granted in respect of downloads, including but not limited to those in respect of wallpapers and/or screensavers, shall, unless terminated early for breach, continue until such time as you cease to use the relevant download and/or until such time as our intellectual property rights in the same expire, whichever is the earlier.

3.2. All licenses granted shall terminate automatically if you breach any of the terms of the license including any provision of these Terms and Conditions.

3.3. Upon termination of the license (save where such termination arises as a result of the expiration of our intellectual property rights) you shall destroy and/or erase all copies of the downloads under your control and stored on any medium. You hereby agree that you owe us a duty of confidentiality with regard to any download under your control that you cannot destroy and/or erase, which shall continue indefinitely.

3.4. Use of downloads is subject always to the full provisions of these Terms and Conditions.