• titanium Titanium Technology Microscopically smoother than ceramic technology and therefore result in far less damage to the cuticle. Excellent conductive properties mean they distribute heat evenly over the entire length of the plates with no hot spots. This results in effortless styling with great looking results that last longer (Further research available).
    pro variable Pro Variable Temperature control gives the stylist flexibility to select the most appropriate heat setting for the type of hair being styled. Lower temperatures ensure delicate finer hair types will not become damaged while higher settings are ideal for thicker hair.
    infrared Far Infrared Heat gently heats each hair from within without drying the hair. This process protects the cuticle resulting in faster styling and moisture rich, healthy looking results.
    ion Negative Ion Technology Eliminates static and frizz by neutralising positive (static) ions which can accumulate when brushing or styling. The result is soft, smooth and shiny hair that stays in place.
    heat expansion Heat Expansion Technology As the titanium plates reach optimum temperature they expand to ensure perfect plate alignment for increased control and efficient heat transfer.
    sleep Auto Sleep Mode If the iron has been left on and unattended for over 30mins a microprocessor intelligently cuts the power supply conserving energy and increasing safety.
    ceramic Ceramic Technology Transfers heat effectively across the length of the plate. They also emit negative ions, helping to close the cuticle layers of hair locking in moisture.
    tourmaline Tourmaline Gems are a natural source of negative ions. The gems are crushed and infused into the plates to increase the anti-static and moisture retaining properties of the heat styler.
    floating plate Floating Plate Technology The plates are suspended on a flexible membrane which allows active movement of the plates along the central axis. This results in plates that meet perfectly each time, every time.
    210 210° is the the optimum styling temperature for all but the thickest and curliest hair types. All Corioliss styling tools reach this temperature whether automatically or by adjustibility.
    235 235°C Temperature. Reaching a high temperature is important for styling thicker and curlier hair types. Featured on our latest irons.
    dual voltage Dual Voltage Combined with our easily removable euro shuko plug which means your iron will work in more places across the world. Perfect for Jet-setters.
    swivel The 360° Swivel Cord has been designed to allow for all the advanced techniques the modern stylist employs without allowing the cord to become tangled or damaged, extending the working life of the iron.
  • neon Neon Indication Lights illuminate sequentially to illustrate each stage of operation.
    airflow Airflow Filter for concentrated blow drying and advanced styling techniques.
    motor Extended Motor Life increases the working life of the dryer - designed to withstand the demands of constant salon use.
    1800 1800W a/c Johnson Motor results in powerful and efficient drying by moving the most amount of air per cubic metre Per second.
    speed 2 Speed Settings accommodates different styling techniques for a variety of results.
    dual Dual Temperature improves styling flexibility.
    cord 2.8m Salon Cord for maximum movement and freedom for the stylist
    lightweight Lightweight Design decreases fatigue during extended use and improves accuracy and control.
  • massage Massaging The cushioned soft ball tip quills will gently massage the scalp whilst brushing.
    pin Removable Section Pin Hidden discretely in the handle our unique flexible section pin allows easy sections with one hand.
    handle Soft Fluted Handle Molds to the hand, ergonomically designed for comfort and grip.
    anti-static Anti Static Our brushes have an anti static rubber cushioned pad that prevents fly-away hair. Per second.
    De tangling De tangling The Brush body shape is perfect for de tangling and straightening long hair types.